Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Write Right’s Asset: “Namzu”

How important do you think is the importance of fonts while writing? Probably, the writing is completely based on fonts…
Do you think that the fonts should be easy and simple to get better handwriting? Indeed yes!
Acknowledging this fact, our Research experts teamed up with our skilled Designers to study various types of fonts. Analyzing almost thousands of fonts, they realized that there is a severe need to simplify these fonts for attaining a legible handwriting.
It was then, when our team developed a new font, which was christened as “Nemzu”. It became an asset for Write Right which got accepted in the courses like handwriting improvement and speed writing invariably.
The features of Namzu can be listed as under:
  • It is easily adaptable
  • It can be created smoothly without any resistance
  • It can be used customarily in both print and cursive style.
With such dedicated efforts from our team, we always look forward to provide the best handwriting solutions to our students. We therefore guarantee complete success through our programs like handwriting improvementspeed writing and Calligraphy. To experience the glee of the most promising handwriting courses, contact your nearesthandwriting franchise of Write Right.


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