Sunday, 29 September 2013

Strengthening hand muscles for good handwriting

 Handwriting is an activity that requires precise hand movements. The hand movements are based on the efficiency of an individual’s motor skills. This means that both your hand and arm muscles should be strong enough to write continuously for at least a few minutes.

It is highly dependent of how you hold the pen/pencil or how you move your hands while writing. Sometimes writing is a stress as people are not aware about the right methods they should adopt while practicing handwriting. One important consideration is that the hand muscles remain healthy.

How to strengthen the hand muscles?

Mentioned under are the ways that will help you do so:
·         Squeeze a soft ball for strengthening the grip of palms
·         Practice pinching soft material like sponge etc. to strengthen the muscles of thumbs and fingers
·         Play with sand, dough or clay
·         Crumple or tear paper and roll them into paper balls
·         Twist and stretch the hands and fingers in regular intervals
·         Exercise the hands with dumbbells etc.

These activities will help you achieve stronger muscles of hands and fingers.

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Handwriting can be improved at any age!

This remark usually comes with an exclamatory expression from the speaker or writer. It always comes with a tint of disbelief.

But, the fact is that Handwriting invariably, can be corrected at any age. The only condition applied is that the writer should have steady hands.

This means that a child of age 6 or an old man of age 60, anyone can improve their handwriting provided they decide to repair their handwriting and wanting to make it readable for all.

What it requires is:
1.      Identification of the technical flaws in one’s handwriting by an expert.
2.      Following the process as advised by the expert.
3.      Deciding consciously not to repeat the mistakes done in the past.

For school going children, it is important because more than 30% of the school hours are consumed in writing. It is the basic process, by which a student learns a language, remembers the spellings, adds to his vocabulary and can write his exams.

For a grown up adult, good handwriting is a reflection of his/her personality. It avoids embarrassments that can follow if you have to write a note.

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Friday, 20 September 2013

Dealing with Incorrect Spellings

Writing is an important means of communication. For an effective written communication, correct use of spelling play a vital role to have an impact on the reader. Incorrect spelling can irate the reader, setting a question mark on the writer’s intelligence.

There may be a number of reasons which can cause an individual to make spelling mistakes while writing. They may be:
·         Incorrect pronunciation of words
·         Improper breaks and emphasis while speaking the words
·         Lack of understanding the rules of the language etc.

So, how to improve spelling mistakes?

1.      Speak (Read) while you write
When you read out your thoughts which you wish to pen on paper, spellings automatically gets improved. In fact the pronunciation of words also gets enhanced with this regular practice.

2.      Analyze the causes and check them right away
The reasons mentioned above can be the cause of making spelling mistakes. You should be able to identify them and take corrective steps to ensure mistakes aren’t repeated.

3.      Re-read or Re-write
If you do not understand the rule or the concept, re-read it. If you think reading is not a problem and only writing is, then, re-write the areas, sentences or words where you tend to make mistakes.

Many of us might have experienced that we spell the word incorrectly, but write it down correctly on paper. Therefore, writing can help improve spellings.

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Prerequisites to Good Handwriting


Everybody wishes to learn penmanship and have a good handwriting. But there are a few prerequisites to attain a good handwriting. Most influencing factor is the Mind and Motor coordination. It is a result of kinesthetic forces from the mind that instructs the hand to write.

So, how to have an effective Mind and Motor coordination?

There are a few fundamental requirements for obtaining a good Mind and Motor coordination.

1.      Physical Aspects:
·         There should be a good balance in the posture while you sit and write
·         The shoulder, neck and head should be straight to avoid stress
·         The back should be stiff and supported by the chair
·         There should be enough space around to ensure right movements of hand and body
·         The distance between the table and yourself, paper and the eyes and between both the hands (separation of elbows) should be proper

2.      Physiological Aspects:
·         Regular practice of reading will help develop better thoughts
·         Expressing thoughts verbally will be an icing on the cake, especially for extroverts

3.      Mechanical Aspects:
·         The thumb and fingers should be at the right place to hold a good grip while writing
·         Regular practice of writing should be done right from young age to help convert thoughts into words

By considering the above mentioned points, one can achieve a good handwriting, of course along with practicing handwriting improvement tips provided by handwriting experts. Write Right guarantees 100% improvement in anybody’s handwriting in just 7 days.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Handwriting Improvement Seminar at Kanyakumari

Handwriting Improvement seminar

Write Right congratulates Mr. A. Selva Premraj, Manager, Post Franchise Operations Department, Kanyakumari District for successfully conducting handwriting improvement seminar in at the Teachers Training College, Kanyakumari.

We at Write Right, sincerely appreciate Mr. A. Selva for making efforts to incorporate good handwriting skills in individuals. Also, the activity is a best way to demonstrate that there is no age to learning, and anybody can learn to improve his/her handwriting if there is a will.

The attendees of the seminar were overwhelmed to get aware of the importance of good handwriting in life and education by experiencing the ways that can make their handwriting legible. They were grateful to Mr. A. Selva for sparing his valuable knowledge about the handwriting programs with them and sent him a bunch of thanks for his deeds.

Here is  a picture from the seminar:

Handwriting Improvement Seminar

It’s a pride for Write Right to share this news with its vast franchise network. Also, we encourage more such activities be conducted all throughout out network and benefit maximum students through creating awareness on handwriting and its significance.

Now, to all our handwriting franchises we say, pull up your socks and spread the importance of handwriting improvement and penmanship.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Write Right’s Asset: “Namzu”

How important do you think is the importance of fonts while writing? Probably, the writing is completely based on fonts…
Do you think that the fonts should be easy and simple to get better handwriting? Indeed yes!
Acknowledging this fact, our Research experts teamed up with our skilled Designers to study various types of fonts. Analyzing almost thousands of fonts, they realized that there is a severe need to simplify these fonts for attaining a legible handwriting.
It was then, when our team developed a new font, which was christened as “Nemzu”. It became an asset for Write Right which got accepted in the courses like handwriting improvement and speed writing invariably.
The features of Namzu can be listed as under:
  • It is easily adaptable
  • It can be created smoothly without any resistance
  • It can be used customarily in both print and cursive style.
With such dedicated efforts from our team, we always look forward to provide the best handwriting solutions to our students. We therefore guarantee complete success through our programs like handwriting improvementspeed writing and Calligraphy. To experience the glee of the most promising handwriting courses, contact your nearesthandwriting franchise of Write Right.