Thursday 30 April 2015

Handwriting Sessions at Write Right

Rathika Bhatia recently walked-in at Write Right’s learning center at Bengaluru. She spent about half of her day observing the handwriting classes conducted at the center. Our trainer had demonstrated some basic lessons on how letters are formed, what direction is followed and how can the distorted letters be corrected in one’s handwriting.

Rakhika expressed her amazement on the in-depth practices adapted by us in our handwriting training  sessions and how it has affected in the quality of the student’s handwriting. Not only the techniques are well taught and backed by years of research and development, they are immensely effective in adding on to children’s handwriting.

Being obliged to meet the student’s pursing handwriting courses at the Bengaluru center, Radhika noticed that the improved quality of handwriting has made children feel proud of their handwriting and thus expect higher results from themselves in examinations and beyond.

She then took no time to decide on the fact whether or not to put two of her kids into Write Right’s handwriting courses. She certainly believes by the end of these handwriting courses, her kids will not only have high-quality and legible handwriting, but a confident and charming personality too.

If you too want to experience the positivity of handwriting classes at Write Right, drop in at your nearest center today!

Sunday 26 April 2015

Handwriting- Is it on the verge of extinction?

We all have witnessed how technological devices like tablets and smartphones have been ruling our lives lately. With such ease and convenience at hand, we have been unknowingly becoming too dependent to these aids. Typing over MS word, making to-do lists in mobile phone apps, noting reminders on mobile calendars have almost declined the need to write in hand.

But, does this give us an excuse to ignore the fact that handwriting still forms the basic component where our education begins? Are we in a state where we can neglect or undo the need of handwritten assignments that kids need to submit in their schools? Absolutely not… How-much-so-ever technology may dominate our needs and demands, handwriting will remain an essential part of learning process in schools.

Why can’t we forget handwriting, at least in schools? Because…

·         It helps in identifying the alphabets that forms the written expression of a language
·         It develops the ability to learn the language itself
·         It adds to vocabulary and written etiquettes of communication
·         It indirectly helps build a fluent verbal communication
·         It helps remember useful information for long, sometime for a lifetime
·         It minimizes errors in writing and while speaking
·         And lots more….

If you too realize the importance of handwriting and the need to write legibly, Write Right welcomes you to explore a wide range of Handwriting courses. For more details, visit-

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Handwriting Problems- A real life scenario

Write Right was recently contacted by an individual over a social media platform where she had discussed about how her handwriting has gone a tremendous change since kindergarten. She says-

“I remember pursuing kindergarten when I was new to learn writing, I had a tragic handwriting. But that can be excused as I was in the learning phase. Over the years when I entered the elementary school, I started writing pretty well. My letters came in a proper shape, size and were legible. Then as I got into the middle school, my handwriting was beauty. Teachers used to pat my back for writing so well. I was proud of my handwriting.

Then came the computer age (approximately 3 years later) and I don’t even remember when my pen and paper were replaced by keyboard. All I wrote was on a computer screen as I typed letters or words on a keyboard. Today, when I write using a pen, my handwriting scares me. And so, I have an urge to get help from handwriting experts and make myself presentable in my written communication skills. I would appreciate if Write Right can assist me overcome my problem.”


Write Right, an institute of handwriting technology took immediate actions to put her into handwriting improvement course and give her back the beautiful handwriting she once had.

There are more such people who had faced similar problems with their handwriting. Write Right has always served them with the best handwriting courses, expert advices and indigenous training methods. For more details on our courses, visit

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Good handwriting is an outcome of good reading skills

Do you believe that your reading habits can decide if your handwriting is good or poor? Yes, it does. Good reading habits make your handwriting legible and beautiful, while poor reading habits affects it negatively.

Reading books, novels, blogs, newspaper etc. aids in gaining more and more knowledge every single day. When an individual (who is also a good reader writes a piece, he utilizes his knowledge that he has gained from numerous sources. This makes his write-up more professional. As a result, the confidence that the things included in the write-up are correct reflects in the form of “good handwriting”.

On the other hand, a person who does not read has limited knowledge. He feels scared of expressing himself both verbally and in writing. He would lack confidence of writing useful information in his pieces and thus he would produce poor and illegible letters and words in handwriting.

Reading and handwriting go hand in hand. To enhance your reading and writing skills, take up the “Speed Reading” and “Handwriting Improvement, SpeedWriting or Calligraphy” courses at Write Right. Visit now!

Thursday 2 April 2015

Difference between Writing and Handwriting

You may find some people calling handwriting as writing. For those who would skip words (and believe it would not make a difference anyway), here are some points of distinction between ‘Writing’ and ‘Handwriting’. Yes, the two are not and should not be considered being same.

Writing                                                                                                Handwriting

·         Writing is an action of noting letters, words or sentences on paper with a writing instrument (pencil, pen etc.)

·         Writing may or may not be legible for the reader to extract meaning from it

·         Writing in simple words can be limited to putting one’s thought on paper

·         Writing can be scribbles, making marks, drawing and more

·         It is a mode of communicating

·         Handwriting is something that relates to correct formation of letters and words to be able to write long and short sentences

·         Handwriting supposedly has to be legible for the reader to comprehend what has been written

·         Handwriting involves knowing the letters, visualization skills, controlling the writing instrument, following the correct hand movements etc.

·         Handwriting is a mode of presenting one’s thought through writing

So the next time someone uses the tow words inappropriately, check them. Share your knowledge, but first correct yourself (if you too had been making the blunder). For more information about handwriting and different writing styles, visit today!