Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Write Right reaches its arm to Beed, Maharashtra

Write Right feels proud to share another establishment of its franchise in Beed, Maharashtra. Write Right’s all new franchisee, Mr. Pramod Kahat recently inaugurated his center named “Perfect Edu World”.

Mr. Kahat extend his sincere thanks to Write Right for becoming a medium of introducing the importance of handwriting in children and adults in the city, Beed, and take dedicated efforts to serve them with solutions that can help them improve their handwriting.

He shares the pictures of the inaugural function of Write Right’s center, Perfect Edu World, with the company. He also says he will be committed towards working hard and serving a large number of students from the handwriting improvement course. 
We wish Mr. Pramod Kahat all the very best for his center and promise to deliver constant support whenever required. May all his desires come true and he gathers lot of achievements through the Write Right’s handwriting franchise.

We are in search of more such sincere franchises to join into our network and serve the noble cause of incorporating good handwriting skills in the students of their area. To become a franchise of Write Right, contact us today and know about the benefits we offer.

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Friday, 25 October 2013

Write Right’s students’ vogue their talents in Avadi

Write Right’s honorable franchise Mrs. Jaya Gowri based in Avadi, Tamil Nadu, had conducted an event at her center on 20th October, 2013. The activity focused on unfolding the talents in children by making them participate in an array of programs.

The participating students and their parents were invited to the venue, the Write Right’s center to cherish the moments of joy. The students were awarded gifts and appreciation for their valuable contributions in several activities. The list of programs included the following:

·         Slogan Recitation
·         Singing
·         Speech on Importance of Handwriting
·         Skit
·         Dances
·         Lucky Dips
·         Parents’ Speech (Sharing Experiences)
·         Students’ Speech on their Handwriting improvement
·         And others…


Mrs. Jaya Gowri believes that apart from regular school and studies, refreshment is equally important for children. What could be the best time to schedule the activity in this festive season when the students’ excitement is at its peak?

Considering the hard work of such dedicated franchises, Write Right, feel proud of its association with them, Mrs. Jaya being one. Also, we encourage other franchises to pull up their socks and involve into more such invaluable activities.

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Monday, 21 October 2013

It’s all about handwriting

Are you a believer that your handwriting cannot change after an age?
Do you think handwriting is no more essential?
Have you had bitter experiences because of your illegible handwriting?

If you answer affirmative, you must read this.

Handwriting is an intimate means of communicating. A good handwriting pays off unimaginable benefits to children. While a poor handwriting makes you pay, way too much.

How much so ever technological the world goes, handwriting won’t lose its importance either. It serves children and others by helping them master a language, its effective use, the spellings, way of expression and also verbal communication. It is an individual’s reflection. Believe it or not, you can be judged merely by looking at your handwriting.

If you already know how significant it is to have a good handwriting and wish to improve it because it had led you down in front of people, seek the experts at Write Right. Bear in mind, like there is no age to learning, there isn’t an age to handwriting improvement.

And, if you aren’t aware about the wonders that handwriting does, we request you to sincerely contact us and don’t miss on your achievements. We assure you would explore a hidden world that would only get you better as an educated human.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Why should we read more?

Reading is quite tedious a task for some students. But, reading plays an integral role in all the knowledge we acquire. It has varied advantages in a student’s life which are impossible to overlook. Mentioned under are few impacts of effective reading among students:

·         Adds to the enriched vocabulary
Continuous reading habits among kids always help them discover new information that is productive. Not only does this process helps gather a lot of quantitative data, but also adds to their vocabulary to make their communication (written and verbal) extremely effective.

·         Makes an individual imaginative and thoughtful
Reading acts like a spark to creative thinking and innovativeness within an individual. It encourages one’s imaginations and helps visualize, characterize and relate to situations easily. It indirectly helps in enhanced functioning of brain.

·         Leads to academic excellence
Reading is the best and most appropriate means of learning. It develops their aptitude and intellect and thus it holds a vital place in the education system.

·         Aids in skilled writing
Those who are good at reading are often well versed with writing too. Reading develops a perfect sense to make use of right words while forming sentences, writing essays, descriptive questions etc.

At Write Right we have handwriting programs that augment the overall learning development of children. For further details visit our website www.writerightindia.com.

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Legible Handwriting motivates the Writer

We have discussed previously about the importance of handwriting. Since handwriting is something that cannot be ignored, another considerable aspect is its legibility. It’s a simple rule that the more legible the handwriting is, the more is its impact.

Undoubtedly, legible handwriting motivates the writer to write and get benefitted of the benefits of writing. Legible handwriting attracts the readers and so encourages the write to write well. This helps him (or her) develop and identity among his social circle.

Let us highlight some probable reasons that motivate the writer because of his (or her) legible handwriting:

·         Score higher marks in exams due to enhanced legibility associated with handwriting
·         Brings appreciation from the people around in schools, colleges or at workplace
·         Gives an identity of being presented as being rational and organized
·         Helps gather qualitative knowledge to have an edge over others
·         Become well versed with daily writing like taking notes etc.

If you wish to be a legible writer and experience all these advantages, enroll for the handwriting improvement course at Write Right. Get handwriting solutions and advisory to write legible. Learn penmanship!

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Why cursive handwriting is losing its fan following?

We all might be aware about the fact that many countries like US, UK, Canada etc. have been promoting print style and have discarded cursive from the school curriculum. Have you wondered why? Let us discuss the probable reasons behind this.

·         Technological Advancements: The world is digitized. One cannot imagine his/her life without computers, mobiles and tablets. As a result, use of pen and paper for note taking or other purposes have taken a back seat.
·         Lot of printed material: We rarely see any documents been prepared or maintained in writing. Even the assignments in schools have been accepted in print format. The study material is available in plenty over the internet platform which minimizes the need to maintain personal notes.
·         Ease and convenience: With all the resources available in print, it becomes more adaptable, identifiable and readable for individuals.

But, can we ignore the importance of cursive?

Though print style is encouraged more these days, still cursive style has its own advantages. Some of the reasons why cursive should be learnt are:
·         Makes learning alphabets, spellings and language more effective
·         Helps put thoughts on paper smoothly
·         Develops a sense of proper spacing and sizing of letters
·         Manages the control systems like movement, pressure etc.

In conclusion, each style of writing has its own significance and so none can take over the benefits of other. Essential is not to ignore the importance of handwriting and work on handwriting improvement if there are problems in it.

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