Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Write Right reaches its arm to Beed, Maharashtra

Write Right feels proud to share another establishment of its franchise in Beed, Maharashtra. Write Right’s all new franchisee, Mr. Pramod Kahat recently inaugurated his center named “Perfect Edu World”.

Mr. Kahat extend his sincere thanks to Write Right for becoming a medium of introducing the importance of handwriting in children and adults in the city, Beed, and take dedicated efforts to serve them with solutions that can help them improve their handwriting.

He shares the pictures of the inaugural function of Write Right’s center, Perfect Edu World, with the company. He also says he will be committed towards working hard and serving a large number of students from the handwriting improvement course. 
We wish Mr. Pramod Kahat all the very best for his center and promise to deliver constant support whenever required. May all his desires come true and he gathers lot of achievements through the Write Right’s handwriting franchise.

We are in search of more such sincere franchises to join into our network and serve the noble cause of incorporating good handwriting skills in the students of their area. To become a franchise of Write Right, contact us today and know about the benefits we offer.

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  1. It's a huge success for you. Congratulations, friend! Keep it up!