Saturday, 31 August 2013

Illegible Handwriting… Is the reason Dysgraphia?

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Dysgraphia is a Learning Disability which occurs due to a neurological disorder that affects the writing expression of an individual. Dysgraphia can not only be limited to illegible handwriting but it also relates with difficulties in learning the language and processing the information collected by the ears and eyes.

Dysgraphia can be diagnosed as early as a child pursues elementary education or as late as it proceeds to the middle school.

BUT, how to know if it is Dysgraphia?

There are some common symptoms in the children who suffer from Dysgraphia. They may be listed as under:
·         The most obvious symptom is Illegible handwriting
·         Reluctance in writing through activities like intentionally dropping the pencil, breaking the nib, hiding writing sheets etc.
·         Problem in gripping the writing object i.e. pen or pencil
·         Inappropriate spacing between letters and words
·         Using more than only style simultaneously i.e. either print, italic or cursive
·         Using upper and lower cases at the same time
·         Unsuitable use of grammar
·         Omitting letters while writing
·         Difficulty in thinking and accumulating information
·         Interpreting wrong meanings of words and sentences

If all these symptoms are observed in one’s handwriting, immediate action should be taken to seek help from an expert.

We shall discuss the symptoms and remedies in our upcoming blogs. Keep reading and commenting!

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Letter of Appreciation to Write Right’s DMF for his enduring efforts

 We are proud to announce the success of our DMF Mr. R. M. Murugappan on receiving sincere appreciation for his efforts to conduct school workshops. His extended arm has served a large number of students in the society by incorporating good handwriting skills in them through schools, which forms the basis of our education.

We congratulate Mr. Murugappan for being awarded the appreciation from Chinmaya International Residential School, Coimbatore. Also, we encourage him to continue these ongoing efforts and grow his business along with benefitting the students by making them realize the importance of handwriting in education and for achieving success in today’s World.

We would welcome more such efforts from our other associates and franchises across India and abroad. This will give ample opportunities to taste success by conducting school workshops and promoting their business. These activities will help in generating increased amount of enquiries and footfall at your center. More importantly it will do word of mouth publicity, which is the most effective and profitable source of promoting business.

This is an encouragement for all our handwritingfranchises to promote their business by doing quality work by showcasing the importance of handwriting, and thus achieve bulk admissions to maximize the profits. Overall, an assured sense of satisfaction is what you will receive at the end of all your deeds, which is guaranteed through such dedicated efforts.

Letter Of appreciation

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Developing Mind Power through Calligraphy

Calligraphy is an art of beautiful handwriting which has withstood since ancient times. This art can be performed with the help of various tools like the calligraphic pens, brushes, wooden blocks etc. which enables the artists (or calligraphist) to make innovative and imaginative designs.

Calligraphy has been observed to develop mind power of those who practice it. Let us know how?

·         It acts like a catalytic agent that activates the creative instincts of a person which indirectly involves the participation of neo-cortex of brain, thus making it more efficient.
·         It improves the imaging power that helps in developing photographic memory. It is again an activity of brain that ultimately improves mind power.
·         It improves control on precise finger movements thereby making handwriting better.
·         Enhanced concentration levels are attained as it involves conscious involvement of the brain.
·         It helps in increasing the ability to focus on things, whether studies, mind games or extracurricular.
·         In case of kids with Dysgraphia, calligraphy can be taken up as a specific training program to help them build better mind motor coordination.

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Handwriting vs. Technology: The Battle…

With the advent of high-end instruments, handwriting has been highly threatened. Styles like cursive have severely been affected due to these progressions and encroachments. Mostly in countries like US, UK and Europe, learning cursive for children is no more a necessity and so has been discarded from the school curriculums.

With the emerging use of technology, the original form of writing, its essence and its meaning has been observed to lose identity. What effects are seen due to gigantic adaptation of technology today? Let’s highlight…

·         One in every third child suffers from handwriting problems and one in every fifth child writes in SMS language. Does this make him/her well verse with the spellings and word or sentence formations? NO.

·         Internet platform has encouraged the use of slangs. They have now become the order of the day. The language is losing its sanctity which not only affects the writing, but also the speech.

·         Evernote and OneNote has replaced sticky notes, keyboards have replaced pens. Writing is no more practiced for several days at a stretch. How does it assure that the students will be able to meet the defined writing standards? They would undoubtedly have handwriting tribulations.

·         Examinations all over are taken on papers, at least in the primary stages. What do you think the reason is? It is because those who write in hand, consciously involves the brain, drives concentration and improves understanding. While those addicted to technology only get stressed during the exams time as they lack self-confidence to attempt it.

There are infinite reasons why handwriting cannot be neglected. Technology isn’t meant to be dragging away its importance. It is a means of simplifying life but not eradicating the basis of existence and survival i.e. education.

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