Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Letter of Appreciation to Write Right’s DMF for his enduring efforts

 We are proud to announce the success of our DMF Mr. R. M. Murugappan on receiving sincere appreciation for his efforts to conduct school workshops. His extended arm has served a large number of students in the society by incorporating good handwriting skills in them through schools, which forms the basis of our education.

We congratulate Mr. Murugappan for being awarded the appreciation from Chinmaya International Residential School, Coimbatore. Also, we encourage him to continue these ongoing efforts and grow his business along with benefitting the students by making them realize the importance of handwriting in education and for achieving success in today’s World.

We would welcome more such efforts from our other associates and franchises across India and abroad. This will give ample opportunities to taste success by conducting school workshops and promoting their business. These activities will help in generating increased amount of enquiries and footfall at your center. More importantly it will do word of mouth publicity, which is the most effective and profitable source of promoting business.

This is an encouragement for all our handwritingfranchises to promote their business by doing quality work by showcasing the importance of handwriting, and thus achieve bulk admissions to maximize the profits. Overall, an assured sense of satisfaction is what you will receive at the end of all your deeds, which is guaranteed through such dedicated efforts.

Letter Of appreciation


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