Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Handwriting Problems- A real life scenario

Write Right was recently contacted by an individual over a social media platform where she had discussed about how her handwriting has gone a tremendous change since kindergarten. She says-

“I remember pursuing kindergarten when I was new to learn writing, I had a tragic handwriting. But that can be excused as I was in the learning phase. Over the years when I entered the elementary school, I started writing pretty well. My letters came in a proper shape, size and were legible. Then as I got into the middle school, my handwriting was beauty. Teachers used to pat my back for writing so well. I was proud of my handwriting.

Then came the computer age (approximately 3 years later) and I don’t even remember when my pen and paper were replaced by keyboard. All I wrote was on a computer screen as I typed letters or words on a keyboard. Today, when I write using a pen, my handwriting scares me. And so, I have an urge to get help from handwriting experts and make myself presentable in my written communication skills. I would appreciate if Write Right can assist me overcome my problem.”


Write Right, an institute of handwriting technology took immediate actions to put her into handwriting improvement course and give her back the beautiful handwriting she once had.

There are more such people who had faced similar problems with their handwriting. Write Right has always served them with the best handwriting courses, expert advices and indigenous training methods. For more details on our courses, visit