Thursday, 2 April 2015

Difference between Writing and Handwriting

You may find some people calling handwriting as writing. For those who would skip words (and believe it would not make a difference anyway), here are some points of distinction between ‘Writing’ and ‘Handwriting’. Yes, the two are not and should not be considered being same.

Writing                                                                                                Handwriting

·         Writing is an action of noting letters, words or sentences on paper with a writing instrument (pencil, pen etc.)

·         Writing may or may not be legible for the reader to extract meaning from it

·         Writing in simple words can be limited to putting one’s thought on paper

·         Writing can be scribbles, making marks, drawing and more

·         It is a mode of communicating

·         Handwriting is something that relates to correct formation of letters and words to be able to write long and short sentences

·         Handwriting supposedly has to be legible for the reader to comprehend what has been written

·         Handwriting involves knowing the letters, visualization skills, controlling the writing instrument, following the correct hand movements etc.

·         Handwriting is a mode of presenting one’s thought through writing

So the next time someone uses the tow words inappropriately, check them. Share your knowledge, but first correct yourself (if you too had been making the blunder). For more information about handwriting and different writing styles, visit today!


  1. With the modern obsession with smartphones and apps, most people tend to forget the importance of a handwritten journal and the need

  2. Writing has a very long history. It began as simple pictographs drawn on a rock, which was then combined to represent ideas and developed into more abstract symbols. Just like our writing today, early symbols were used to store information and communicate it to others.