Monday, 16 September 2013

Handwriting Improvement Seminar at Kanyakumari

Handwriting Improvement seminar

Write Right congratulates Mr. A. Selva Premraj, Manager, Post Franchise Operations Department, Kanyakumari District for successfully conducting handwriting improvement seminar in at the Teachers Training College, Kanyakumari.

We at Write Right, sincerely appreciate Mr. A. Selva for making efforts to incorporate good handwriting skills in individuals. Also, the activity is a best way to demonstrate that there is no age to learning, and anybody can learn to improve his/her handwriting if there is a will.

The attendees of the seminar were overwhelmed to get aware of the importance of good handwriting in life and education by experiencing the ways that can make their handwriting legible. They were grateful to Mr. A. Selva for sparing his valuable knowledge about the handwriting programs with them and sent him a bunch of thanks for his deeds.

Here is  a picture from the seminar:

Handwriting Improvement Seminar

It’s a pride for Write Right to share this news with its vast franchise network. Also, we encourage more such activities be conducted all throughout out network and benefit maximum students through creating awareness on handwriting and its significance.

Now, to all our handwriting franchises we say, pull up your socks and spread the importance of handwriting improvement and penmanship.


  1. Wao such seminars are really effective and one thing I must say that I never saw any department taking such steps for improving handwriting of students fellowship personal statement .It deserves lot of appreciation.

  2. There are many professional writers who are specially hired for quality writing services without any error but then still they sometimes commit mistakes that are caught by readers visit site It should be improved.

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  4. I'm also facing problem of bad handwriting :( I think I should go there and attend this seminars. Bad handwriting had the bad impact on the checker and we must improve it. I have found for medical students.