Friday, 20 September 2013

Dealing with Incorrect Spellings

Writing is an important means of communication. For an effective written communication, correct use of spelling play a vital role to have an impact on the reader. Incorrect spelling can irate the reader, setting a question mark on the writer’s intelligence.

There may be a number of reasons which can cause an individual to make spelling mistakes while writing. They may be:
·         Incorrect pronunciation of words
·         Improper breaks and emphasis while speaking the words
·         Lack of understanding the rules of the language etc.

So, how to improve spelling mistakes?

1.      Speak (Read) while you write
When you read out your thoughts which you wish to pen on paper, spellings automatically gets improved. In fact the pronunciation of words also gets enhanced with this regular practice.

2.      Analyze the causes and check them right away
The reasons mentioned above can be the cause of making spelling mistakes. You should be able to identify them and take corrective steps to ensure mistakes aren’t repeated.

3.      Re-read or Re-write
If you do not understand the rule or the concept, re-read it. If you think reading is not a problem and only writing is, then, re-write the areas, sentences or words where you tend to make mistakes.

Many of us might have experienced that we spell the word incorrectly, but write it down correctly on paper. Therefore, writing can help improve spellings.

Spellings and writing are correlated. Correct spellings and good handwriting together enhances the written communication. Join the Write Right’s handwriting improvement program to add value to your written communication.


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