Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Good Pencil Grip drives Good Handwriting

Everyone wishes to have a good handwriting. There are a number of reasons that contribute to good handwriting, one being the “pencil grip”. It is extremely important to hold the pencil (or pen) correctly for getting a good handwriting.

A good grip is a habit that should necessarily be implemented right from an early age. A good grip is the one that holds the pencil (or pen) in between the thumb and index finger with right amount of pressure, the middle finger supporting the pencil from back, and the remaining two fingers (ring and little fingers) closing towards the palm.

If you are able to get this grip, you will have a higher chance of having a good handwriting. There are some adverse effects of having a wrong pencil grip. Listed under are a few to be discussed:

1.      Wrong grip results in fatigue while writing for a longer time at a stretch. It may also sometimes result in causing pain and cramping.
2.      Wrong grip affects the formation of letters by distorting their identity in terms of shape, size, spacing etc.
3.      Grasping the pencil in an inappropriate manner makes the person write either too hard or too soft on the paper. This makes the handwriting illegible to be read.

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