Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Brilliant Children having Illegible Handwriting

Is your child loosing marks because of the illegibility in its handwriting?

If yes, you are not the only parent who is concerned for this issue. Statistically, every third school going child has a problem in its handwriting. It is even proved that only the top 10 students of a class have good handwriting skills while others need expert advices.

Due to the illegibility in handwriting, children in spite of knowing the subject well are not able to score good marks because of the difficulty for teacher to understand their handwriting. Well written answer sheets with adequate legibility, undeniably has an added advantage in exams than those written illegibly.

For example:

In an exam, a child was supposed to score 8 marks on 10 in a question, but he could score only 6 on 10 as the teacher could not understand what had been written on the answer sheet. Similarly, for 5 questions, he lost 10 marks. This was the same case in other subjects too. In total, the student lost 60 marks in 6 subjects just because of his illegible handwriting.

This is not merely the case in students who are weak in studies, but is observed in brilliant students too. But, being a parent you must not sit idle, and you must take necessary action to help your child improve its writing skills. Yes! Handwriting repair is what your child needs.

Write Right, a handwriting institute, has been working on handwriting since 16 years. It is a place where your child can get proper guidance and handwriting tips. It also trains them the art of penmanship in children which helps them improve their handwriting. Take a decision now!


  1. The Brilliant Children that I have seen till now are having good handwriting even they have written well for the . May be a little bit of the child have faced the handwriting issue. I know this post will help him a lot.

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  3. Illegible handwriting is a big issue but i want to quote one thing that doctors writing is also illegible because of their prescription that is not understood by people. So brillinat students can have illegible writing.

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