Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Un-ignorable (handwritten) Post-it Notes

Whether a student, or a professional, a house-wife or anyone, using a post-it note is common in all of them. I realize that technology never lets us down by any means and has the solution to all our requirements (related to writing), but still managing short term (or long terms) goals on post-it sticky notes somehow feels more efficient. Do you second the same?

Some people love to remember dates, some have to maintain a wide list of works to be done on a particular day and some just have to list down the grocery items they got to buy while returning back home. Using a PC or downloading a whole new app on my phone just to do this, is that what your idea is? Well… it’s not mine! I have and would rather always prefer to use post it notes and stick them on my walls, wardrobes or work-station. So, that whenever I put my eyes on them (even by a chance), I would remember what was I supposed to do when, where did I have to go on a particular day, which lessons I had to prepare etc. I certainly believe, similar is the case with many others.

And… people think technology has over powered the ancient art of writing in hand. Well no. Handwriting will still be a part of our first lesson in schools and it will be always be a foundation of education.

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